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  As many of you know, one of the things that I love to do each year is my "fall foliage" hike that I go on when the leafs are at their peak. Not only is it a beautiful day to get great photos for your artwork, but I try to go to a place that I haven't been to yet so that it's more of an adventure. I mentioned going to the Kinzoo Dam a few posts back but I think I have something better planned.     I was visiting my friends the other day who also hike trails and they [...]

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  As you know I had to break out the recovery CD's on Monday and "build" my computer back up with all the programs I use. I'm proud to say that things are going smoothly and I'm right on track to get everything done by the end of next week.   Like I mentioned in my last post, I strongly recommend using the "remove programs" function that comes with your computer and not an aftermarket program to uninstall programs. I don't want to see people losing all their information by deleting files that are used by other programs including files needed for "booting" your computer [...]

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  A couple of days ago I was doing some maintenance on my computer by uninstalling some unused programs. I was then going to work on my blog post for that day. I was using a program called "Your Uninstaller" that checks to see if that programs uninstall command left any files behind and allows you to delete these files after that programs uninstall function is finished. I've said "yes" to deleting these files many times before without any problems, but this time it was different. I ended up deleting files needed to "boot" your computer and turn it on!      I thought about it [...]

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  Yesterday at lunch I ended up down at our local KFC like I seem to do on the weekends. Across the street is an antique store that I look at while I eat. This time I had that voice that said go over and check it out so I did.     The place is great! The owner Bill has stuff on three different floors of this house and sets everything up like a room would look like from that time. The dining room table and chairs an a room with china cabinets and old dinnerware, you get the idea.     I was [...]

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  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but summer just has a few weeks left. I know that can be depressing but we have fall to look forward to at least. The summer was good to me and I hope good to you as well . Not only did I get nice photos for my artwork such as "Bench At Bayne Park", but I got to get out of the studio and just enjoy it a good bit.     As an artist you are always juggling time demands and always trying to find a good balance between whats really [...]

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  Today I thought I would go over how the opening for "Views Of Bellevue" went on Friday night. I wanted to let you know yesterday as I said on Thursday, but just got too busy to get to it. First off, the turnout was great as it got a bit loud with all the conversations going on. It was nice to talk to some people that I haven't seen in a while most of which are fellow artists. The wine and cheese along with the fruit, were enjoyed by all as everyone got to meet each other. I'm glad that my [...]

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  As you know, I recently finished a painting "Bench At Bayne Park" for a local art show in my area called "Views Of Bellevue". I'm writing todays post to remind readers in my area that the show opens this Friday September 5th from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. For those of you that need directions click here.     I'm looking forward to see what everyone came up with. I believe someone painted the World War 1 statue known as "the dough boy", also in Bayne Park. Sue, the owner of the Matthews Art Center itself, is doing a painting of Lincoln Ave by Northwest Bank [...]

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