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Morning everyone, It's Friday once again so it's special time. I decided to offer up "Clipper Ship" for $229.00 including matching frame. This is the one for you if you have a sailor in the family, live at or near the ocean, or just love these old ships like me. Click "Framed Oil Paintings" below to have this ready to hang painting on your wall in days. Feel free to leave me a comment or two and let me know what you think. Thats it for now, I have a floral to work on today and then it's off to Uniontown tomorrow to work on [...]

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I always have more than one painting going on at all times. Even when my art was just a hobby I found that having two to three paintings in progress seemed to inspire me more because I sensed  looking at three finished works not one on my easel every day for two weeks or more. Plus I discovered that when I got to the point on a piece where I had to let my paint dry, I could go on to another piece and stay "in the flow" I suppose. Today as we speak I have four works going on, one of which being [...]

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It's Monday night and I'm going over the awesome adventure I had on Sunday. I took care of all my art related matters on Saturday, checked the weather, and gave myself the go for my longest hike ever on Sunday. As some of you know by now, most of my reference photos for my art come from my many hikes around my area. I wanted to do the entire loop trail at Raccoon State Park as my summers goal and arrived at the park office at 7:20 A.M. I finished 20 miles later, at 3:30 P.M. The picture at the left is one of the ones [...]

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It's morning here in Pittsburgh as I check my e-mail and review my plans for the day. I'm really happy because last night I placed my first special offering up on my website for you. "Summer Trail 3" is a bright colorful work based on my impressions of coming out to an open area when hiking in the woods. Most of my reference photos are taken from my many hikes around my area. This work normally $209.00 will be $149.00 including frame with free shipping. Click on to "Specials !!!" below to bring this one home. On that note I have paintings to do, a weekend to [...]

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Hello again and welcome to the post for today, What I'm up to now. Right now I'm working on a commissioned work, my next painting in my "Summer Trail" series, and a mural. I start my day with "computer matters" and then paint in the evenings. I'm also promoting this website and putting together my first special for you which will be posted on Friday. I look forward to making these posts to share my thoughts and answer your questions so please feel free to leave your comments. I got to take care of some early morning tasks so thats all for now. Stay tuned for Friday where my first special will [...]

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  This is my first post here on my Blog so allow me to thank you for your time and welcome you to Pat Quinn Custom Fine Art. I'm really excited to use this tool to let people know more about me and my artwork. I plan on making 3 posts a week so be sure to check often, I plan on keeping it fresh and lively. I'm going to love sharing about how I do my art, what I'm working on, and whats going on in general. Please feel free to add your comments anytime, I'd love to hear from you. Thats all [...]

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