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  It's Halloween and today I thought I would share with you some scary artwork that I found on the web. To save time I haven't listed the name of some of the pieces or the artist as we just want to see the art.     Lets start with this one, no wonder they don't look happy with that dental work. This one is my favorite out of all the artwork I'm going to show you today, I love the feel and mood of the piece, take a look here. The next one is not endorsed by the Vatican I'm sure but it fits todays theme nicely, [...]

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  Here we are on Monday morning again, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Today I thought I would bring you up to speed on some of the things that are going on with my artwork.     Speaking of the weekend, I was up at Uniontown working on my mural and now feel that it will be done for the couple in the next two months. This will make it around a year and a half of work and I'm looking forward to show it when it's finished. I'm planning on getting a camcorder and doing a video of it as well.     I have a couple of framed oil [...]

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  Today I thought I would share with you a way to try something different if you are an artist, or a way to feel like one and create your own artwork if you're not.     From time to time I like to do some digital artwork on my computer. I don't have the time right now as I'm concentrating on my new framed oil paintings that are on the way, but when I do they are a very entertaining alternative to the art you normally create. Before I put together my website this year I had and still do, a webpage [...]

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  Today I thought I would share with you a way to save money on some of the paints you use as an artist. If you are a collector this information still is of use to you, bear with me. As some of you know by now, I'm big on the technical side of the paints artists use. If you haven't seen them yet, start here with the first of four posts I did on paint reliability. So how do we save some money when we go to the art store? We use our knowledge of how paints are made.     In a top notch artist paint a [...]

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  It's Monday morning and I'm a little sore from my annual fall foliage hike. I ended up going to the Slippery Rock Gorge Trail in Mcconnell's Mills State Park. If you look in the picture at the left, the gorge is between the mass of nice foliage in the front and the hills in the distance. The trees as you can see have not turned all the way, but it led to some nice photos anyway. The weather was just beautiful and I passed by more people hiking then I normally do.   Now I'll look at my photos and see what ideas for some new [...]

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  Today I have sad news to share with you. My beloved art teacher Florence Benaquista has passed away. I was just talking last Wednesday about the oil painting classes that I took there as a boy. I got the news from my mother when I got back from working on my mural in Uniontown. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her including all the many students she had over the years. She gave me a priceless gift and heaven has a special place for her. I have for you now the article from the local paper to tell you her story.  Obituary: Florence [...]

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  Today I thought I would share a few thought on how artists combine tools and techniques of the past with those of today. No two artists are alike and we all come up with our own tastes and working methods, regardless of the medium.   One of the choices made is in color selection. The traditional model would be the artist that uses only a handful of colors and if totally traditional, takes pigments and makes their own paints. They stick to the "classic" colors used by the masters and pay for only the finest quality. The contemporary model would be [...]

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  It's a beautiful early fall day here in Pittsburgh as I write this. We have had a long stretch of 80 degree summer like weather so the turning of the leaves has barely begun. This will push my annual fall foliage hike back a bit but thats fine, from what I've been told this leads to better color when they do. Thinking about this got me to start thinking about what kind of paintings will come out of this years photos and how I'll change this, combine that with that, or whatever to make the painting better. It was then that I [...]

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  It's Monday morning again and I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got to enjoy the nice weather, and was able to meet some new people and see some familiar faces at the auction on Saturday.   As I mentioned on Friday I would share with you how the first ever Breast Cancer Awareness Auction went at Matthew's Arts, so here we go.   The auction got going at 6:30 with what I'd say was a half full room. As always it seems with art events, the place was almost full by 7:00. Artists and art collectors have this thing about [...]

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  It's Friday and one day away from the Breast Cancer Awareness Auction at Matthew's Arts that I mentioned in my blog last week. As you know I'm submitting "Roses" a nice vertical framed oil painting that I think is perfect for the evening. I'm hoping the minimum bid of $200.00 is reached (or more) and that it is cherished in it's new home for years.   I've never had any direct involvement in an auction before so I'm looking forward to see how things go, and of course on Monday's blog I'll be sure to tell you how it went. For you [...]

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  Today as I went over my plans for the day on my computer, I noticed how I got my own little system going and how it revolves around some nice freeware programs. I decided to share with you these programs as they may prove useful for you as well and they won't cost you anything to try.   The first one is Wordweb, a handy little lightweight program that is a spelling checker, dictionary, and thesaurus all rolled into one. I have used this one many times when a spell checker is not available, or their sever is down. It runs [...]

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   Another Monday again and I'm hoping your weekend was great. I considered mine such as I got some more done on my mural in Uniontown and got to enjoy the beautiful early fall sunny drive as well. Being a Pittsburgh artist it could have been better with a Steeler win on Sunday (the Cardinals played a great game) but I think I have my prioritys in order.   Today I thought I would share with you what I have learned from starting my own website and blog this summer, and what they have done for me as well.   I knew I wanted [...]

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