I'm really looking forward to this weekend as the end is near on my mural. I have about one more month to go and after that project I'll be back in my studio more so I'll be able to get into my old routine again. At times I never thought the end would ever be in sight but it is. I plan on taking a lot of photos to make sure I "document" it well. Today I have for you an article by Rajneesh Dubey that struck me because it's almost like an artists statement on paintings as a whole as opposed to the work of the artist themselve.

  "Painting is an aesthetic representation of the imaginative mindset of a painter. This form of art exerted tremendous influence on the society since its inception several thousand years ago. Painters are like alchemists who can make formidable creations intermingling colors on a piece of canvas. It is through painting artists of all ages portray the conditions of the mainstream society, the various ethos, culture and traditions. A work of painting can best reveal the good and evil of the everyday life and urge the common people to be good in thought and action so that the society becomes beautiful and beneficial to the mankind. If you are in search of anything related to painting you can pay a visit to our site - ethnicpaintings. This online encyclopedia on painting is sure to satiate all your queries related to painting.

  Originated as a creative pastime as cave depictions by our early ancestors, painting has undergone several alterations with time. The history of painting clearly indicates the various transformations of paintings from cave paintings to watercolor paintings and oil paintings. The use of colors and shades are very important in painting. As a melodious music is not possible to originate without appropriate rhythm similarly a work of painting does not get life without perfect shades. Painting is a spontaneous manifestation of the true self of an artist; it speaks out his heart through the tinges of colors.

  The Renaissance period (14th C to 17th C) is perhaps the golden period of arts and paintings in Europe. Renaissance classicism imparted a realistic touch to the paintings. The painters had good concepts on light, shadow and human anatomy and this made their art more appealing and communicative. Luminaries like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael stirred the world through their world-class paintings during this time. Da Vinci's Monalisa is a painting unsurpassed down the ages.

  With the establishment of various schools and movements of arts emerged the various theories on arts like abstract expressionism, art deco, constructivism, cubism, impressionism, modernism, neo-classicism, post modernism, romanticism and surrealism. These gave birth to various painting forms like abstract paintings, figurative paintings, landscape paintings, collages, calligraphy and digital paintings. To an artist a painting is the enlivening of his soul on the canvas that transgresses all theories and echoes the great words of Keats - "Beauty Truth, Truth Beauty."

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Rajneesh Dubey is Content Coordinator for http://ethnicpaintings.com This website gives you comprehensive informations on painting history, development, trends, popular painting styles, great painters, famous paintings, painting galleries and museums, painting tips, painting classes. In other words, this website is a treat to painting freaks.


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Thats it for today, be sure to leave a post if you have a comment or something you have a question about. I got to go now and take care of things so have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.   

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