Another Monday again and I'm hoping your weekend was great. I considered mine such as I got some more done on my mural in Uniontown and got to enjoy the beautiful early fall sunny drive as well. Being a Pittsburgh artist it could have been better with a Steeler win on Sunday (the Cardinals played a great game) but I think I have my prioritys in order.

  Today I thought I would share with you what I have learned from starting my own website and blog this summer, and what they have done for me as well.

  I knew I wanted more then the webpage that I had before could do for me, so around March I decided to start looking at artists website packages available and chose Fine Art Studio Online in mid April. I felt my way thru it and came up with the look that felt right and by mid May was comfortable announcing my site to the world. I'm pleased to say it was a great decision. I can add photos of my framed oil paintings easily, I can add links easily, and have my own business e-mail. I can add HTML entrys and will be sending out my first e-mail newsletter soon.

  I found that adding links is indeed time consuming but very much worth it. I enjoyed talking to the other webmasters this summer and did find that it raises your search engine rank. I keep my links arts, gifts, and home decor oriented and add them one by one. I discovered that you do get all kinds of spam and that you really have to be discliplined to update your site and stay on top of things. I know that I have given myself the best opportunity to show people what I do with my framed oil paintings and all the links give my vistors quality information and artwork as well.

  I started blogging in July and have enjoyed it from day one, and having said that, thank you to all that have left posts this summer, keep it up! I have felt the challenge of having to be a writer as well as an artist, but I feel up to the task. I love sharing what I've been thru and getting your feedback and sharing with other artists approachs, tools, and techniques that I use to produce my framed oil paintings. Please if you have any ideas or comments let me know and leave a post. Having said that, take care, have a great day, and I'll see you on Wednesday!   



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