Monday morning again, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Today I thought I would go over the decision all oil painters face, to varnish or not to varnish. I myself do not varnish my work for two reasons mainly. First varnish in my opinion has a tendency to darken up as time goes on which will change the look and feel of the painting. Second, varnish has a tendency to crack which of course I'm not looking for. As a matter of fact, alot of the old masters paintings have varnish that cracked and darkened but the paint itself is fine. Don't get me wrong it takes years, and years, and years for this to happen but I still feel it's not worth the trouble. I also know that if you do have to remove it from a painting you put a solvent on the work and hope to wipe it off before it attacks the top paint layer, I'll pass. There are some new products out on the market but they haven't been on paintings for hundreds of years so we don't know how they will hold up. As far as my work goes, I prime my canvas well and use only the finest lightfast pigments so I know my work will look as good as I painted it for a very, very long time. Take care and I'll see you on Wednesday.   


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