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by PAT QUINN on 7/6/2007 5:38:19 AM

This morning after checking my e-mail I went over in my head what I want to do this weekend. I started blocking out my painting hours and what I wanted to do outside. I decided to go to good old North Park which I see as "my backyard". I've been hiking trails in this one for over 15 years and I haven't been on some for awhile now so they should be "fresh" again to go on. The special this week "Mcconnell's Trees" reminds me of that feeling, expecting to see ( and photograph ) some nice stuff, you just don't know what it is yet. This work normally $209.00 is $169.00 for this week including matching green frame. Click "Framed Oil Paintings" at the bottom of the page to bring this one home and have a bit of summer with you all year long. Thats it for now, have a great weekend, feel free to leave your comments, and I'll see you on Monday.     


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